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Resourced Provision - The LINC (Learning, Inclusion and Nurture Centre)


Learning, Inclusion and Nurture Centre

Parkside’s Resourced Provision is a specialist provision within the mainstream school which caters for pupils with a range of needs. Currently the main area of need is Communication and Interaction (ASD). Pupils in The LINC will have access to a specially tailored environment and curriculum to meet their individual needs.

The provision is intended to meet the needs of pupils who:

  • Require access to a high adult: pupil ratio.
  • Benefit from an individualised bespoke curriculum delivered alongside the whole school curriculum,  with differentiation and personalisation as required with direct teaching of social skills.
  • Require small group and 1:1 teaching
  • Require support to manage behaviours relating to sensory needs and communication and interaction difficulties.


What are the aims of the provision?

To provide detailed on-going assessments to determine future educational needs.

To provide pupils with the opportunity to work alongside mainstream peers, where possible, in learning or social opportunities, but at the same time to be able to access a supportive and nurturing environment.



Curriculum and inclusion:

The aim of The LINC is for pupils to access learning appropriate to their needs and stage development. For some children this may mean accessing the whole school curriculum whereas others will access the EYFS curriculum. This may be for the full day in some cases or for other pupils it may mean some time away from the demands of the classroom environment to a low arousal environment.  Other pupils may benefit from the teaching of speech and language or social skills interventions.


As such, the resource provision aims to use a range of different interventions to differentiate and personalise the child’s timetable according to their needs.




Whilst pupils may still be assessed alongside their peers, sometimes additional forms of assessment may need to take place which are broken down into smaller steps, or will assess different areas of their learning. Assessment tools which may be used are:

  • EYFS Curriculum
  • Pre key stage assessment
  • Thrive
  • Individual EHCP/SSP outcomes
  • SALT programme
  • Read, write, Inc phonics

Pupils progress is also tracked along a bespoke nurture curriculum which tracks their progress in relation to social and emotional skills and independence in terms of attending to their own needs. Small steps progress is tracked through observations and photographs linked to the resourced provision curriculum.


How is the day structured?

Pupils with communication and interaction difficulties (ASD) benefit from structure and routine. As such The LINC aims to provide a calm, environment to support children to access learning.   

Pupils will be met by SEND Support Learning Mentors at the main entrance to reduce anxieties around transitions.

Pupils will enter the provision and access nurture breakfast to support with development of social skills and ensure a calm start to the day. For some children it is appropriate to access learning for the day within the provision however, for others they will access in their mainstream classes with other activities delivered at certain points within The LINC.

Resource staff will support pupils to transition to class and to enable them to remain there with their peers. However, should a pupil need to return to The LINC, they will have the opportunity to continue their work there and ensure they are regulated before returning to class.




Sensory Room  




Can I come and visit the provision?


Following discussion of your child attending our resourced provision all parents/carers are asked to come and visit to see what we do and offer.    

We believe that in order for a child to succeed there should be a strong partnership between parents/carers, nurture staff, class teacher and the children themselves.


Who will be working in the resourced provision?


Miss Haverty – Assistant Head teacher and SENDCo

Mrs Rhodes – SEND Support Learning mentor

Miss Chappell – SEND Support learning mentor

Mr Noble – SEND Support Learning Mentor