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Governance Structure

Whilst Pioneer Academies Community Trust is ultimately accountable for the performance of each of its academies, Parkside Primary Academy has a local governing body that is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the standards of its academy. 


The Academy Trust Board operates the principle of earned autonomy as it believes that best results will be achieved when each academy’s Local Governing Body receives a level of responsibility and autonomy appropriate to its specific circumstances. Where an academy has demonstrated it is a strong, self-improving organisation, it will need minimal day to day supervision from the Board of Trustees and the Local Governing Body will be given the autonomy to run the school within agreed delegated powers. Where an academy is performing below an acceptable standard,  the Trust has the legal and moral  authority to intervene, in order to bring about improvements.


The core business of the Local Governing Body is to:

  • Review and monitor the Academy Improvement Plan
  • Monitor and review Standards of attainment and progress
  • Review and monitor the curriculum and educational provision
  • Ensure sound financial planning, budget monitoring and best value

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


A written record of meetings are taken in the form of minutes and are available upon request, please contact Mrs A Caswell, 01226 722416.

For more information about the structure of the Academy Trust governance, please follow the link below

Parkside Primary Academy Local Governing Body

Name Type Positions of Responsibility Appointment Date Term of Office End Date Business Interests
Rachel Ward Headteacher   Ex Officio   AET Barnsley Cluster Governor
Shirley Douglas Community Special Educational Needs 29/01/2018 29/01/2022 None
Anne O'Hara Parent

Chair of Governors

Progress and Attainment

29/01/2018 29/01/2022 None
Sara Fletcher Parent

Vice Chair

Safeguarding and Pupil Premium

29/01/2018 29/01/2022 None
Lauren Butterworth Staff Safeguarding 14/11/2020 13/11/2024 None

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2020 - 2021


Name 9.11.20  8.02.21   
Rachel Ward Y Y  
Anne O'Hara Y Y  
Shirley Douglas N N  
Lauren Butterworth Y Y  
Sara Fletcher Y Y



Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2019-2020

Name 11.11.19 13.01.20 13.07.20
Rachel Ward Y Y Y
Anne O'Hara Y Y Y
Shirley Douglas Y Y N
Lauren Butterworth Y Y Y
Sara Fletcher Y Y


Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2018-2019


Name 6.11.18    3.12.18   28.01.19       15.07.19
Rachel Ward Y   Y               Y                  Y
Shirley Douglas Y   Y               Y                  Y
Lauren Butterworth N   Y               Y                  Y
Sara Fletcher N  

Y               Y                  Y

 Tanya Marshall          Y                Y               Y                  Y

 Anne O'Hara              Y                Y                Y                  Y


Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2017-2018


Name 2.10.17   29.01.18  16.04.18       16.07.18
Rachel Ward Y   Y               Y                  Y
Marilyn Gittner N   Y               N                  Y
Shirley Douglas Y   N               Y                  N
Lauren Butterworth Y   Y               Y                  Y
Sara Fletcher Y  

Y               Y                  Y

Claire Tate Y   N               N                 N

 Kevin Grum                 Y                N              N                  N

 Tanya Marshall           N                Y              N                  N

 Anne O'Hara               N                Y              Y                  Y